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Water Supply

Applied Water Consulting routinely provides technical assistance to municipalities, water districts, and public water systems with the development and permitting new public water supply wells.  AWC has been affiliated with several State Revolving Loan Fund and Treasure State Endowment Program projects including the Ronan, Pablo, Polson, and Flathead Water District No. 8 water supply projects.  Furthurmore, AWC has worked with a number of local irrigators and industrial water users through the design and permitting of high-capacity supply or injection wells. 

Water supply services include:

  • Water availability and feasibility assessments

  • Design and construction oversight of high capacity wells

  • Source Water Delineation and Assessment Reports (SWDAR)

  • Design and implementation of aquifer pumping tests

  • Design and permitting of injection wells

  • Pond design

  • Surface water diversion system design and permitting

  • Irrigation system evaluation and design

Water Rights

Applied Water Consulting has over 50 years of combined experience navigating the various water right processes.  We understand the importance of water and work closely with clients to acquire new water rights, change existing water rights, or protect their existing water rights through the statewide adjudication program.  


Water Right Services include:

  • Procurement of new water rights 

  • Changes to existing water rights

  • Adjudication support for existing water rights

  • Due diligence research associated with land sales

  • Litigation support



Applied Water Consulting provides environmental management services that fosters efficient, creative, and value-added solutions for environmental issues. Since 1995, AWC personnel have worked with corporations, governments, communities and citizens to help solve environmental problems, gain competitive advantages, increase productivity and create opportunity through more productive use of limited resources.  AWC’s services include an integrated suite of specialty consulting capabilities, including Phase I and II ESAs, regulatory permitting, groundwater modeling, remedial investigations, feasibility studies, and regulatory compliance.

Environmental Services include:

  • Phase I and Phase II ESAs

  • Contaminant site characterization and remediation design

  • Monitoring well installation

  • Non-degradation analysis

  • Baseline hydrogeologic characterization

  • Water quality monitoring

  • Underground storage tank removal

  • Litigation support

Land Development

Applied Water Consulting 's breadth of expertise and experience allows us to identify and implement comprehensive and cost effective solutions for your land development projects. No matter if your project goals are agricultural, commercial, subdivision or single family lot development, AWC offers land development services including pre-development feasibility assessments and/or regulatory permitting.     

Land development services include:

  • Pond design and construction oversight

  • Limnologic investigations

  • Stream bed stabilization design and permitting

  • Stormwater planning, design and permitting

  • Lakeshore Protection Zone permitting

  • Wetlands delineation, monitoring, and restoration permitting

  • Dewatering system design